How To Fix WOW51900319 Error in World of Warcraft

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WOW51900319 Error:  have you faced it before? Let me explain. Wow is stands for World of Warcraft. It’s a very popular game just like PUBG.


So there are a lot of players playing this WOW game worldwide and you already know where the more people more problems.

So there are a lot of Bugs and errors faced by the Players so from that list we will talk about WOW51900319 Error today. and you will get different ways to fix it easily.

Why this ERROR WOW51900319 Faced by Players?

There are many reasons for the user-facing this issue so First is When the user is facing this WOW51900319 Error the user will get the message like “disconnect from the server” Some of the users are getting a different message like “Disconnected with error BLZ51900075” or  “Disconnected from World of Warcraft”

However, this is not only the issue, When the user has a stable internet connection so we have confirmed it that some of the players are facing this issue while using the stable connection as well.

So the user is thinking that they are getting this issue because of lack of connectivity. In result the WoW server is getting disconnected immidiatly And other users think that this was caused due to the graphics of the game. They are playing on high graphics and that’s why the data is consuming more and that’s they are getting server connectivity issue in this WOW51900319 Error.

Different Methods To Fix WOW51900319 Error In World of Warcraft Game

Now i think you will get some of idea about this error that how you will get this error and stuff. Now we are going to see the best methods to get rid of WOW51900319 Error. Please find the below solutions and follow each solutions and comment down which solution is works for you 😉

Method 1 : Decrese the Foreground FPS

As we have discussed earlier that this error caused due to the graphics increment for framerates, So whenever the player playing this game on High FPS, most of the data used to load the frames and that’s why they are facing this server connectivity issue. 

So this method will be helpful to those who are facing this issue. Please follow the below given step and you will get rid of this WOW51900319 Error.

How to Decrease foreground FPS in World of Warcraft?

Please follow the steps carefully which are given below. and  if you are facing any issue with the steps then please comment below our team will get back to you.

  1. First of all either press the ESC key from your keyboard or click on the menu icon on game to open system menu.
  2. After opening the system menu. You will get option to goto adavnced setting Please click on that and open Advanced Settings.
  3. Now find the option of Max Foreground FPS As we have given you in screenshot just tick it now it will enable you to manage FPS with scroll slider Now decrease the value of foreground FPS from current value.
  4. Now it will automatically saved your setting just go back to home or game setting.

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now see that WOW51900319 Error was solved or not.

Method 2 : Change the Background FPS to 30 FPS

So there are many methods available on this article and i think you will be trying all of that but yeah, If you are looking for best and easy method to get rid of this WOW51900319 Error then you must try this.

In this method we will be change our background FPS to 30 FPS and it will be reduce the posibility to face this error WOW51900319. 

So follow the below given steps and solve the error.

  1. You have to follow the steps whichare used in previous method, Either press ESC Button from keyboard or Click on Game setting and open System Menu.
  2. Now it will appear some options now click on Advanced Option.
  3. in the advanced option you have to find Max Background FPS option and Tick on it so it will enable tje scroll slider.
  4. Now use the slider to set the Max Background FPS to 30.

It will solve your issue quickly and also you will not face any types of issue on your running game So you can definialy try this method,

Method 3 : Fix the Network Issues

The main reason of this WOW51900319 error is Network letency. Not only this every game has this issue when you are playing game on weak network connection then you can face this issue so the one and  only solution is network fix if you are fixing issues with the network wil get you the solution of this error WOW51900319. 

So this is the most trending solution for the WOW51900319 error. This is trending on social media sites even on raddit too.  The problem will be caused when you are playing game on 4G LTE network, 

Please follow the steps which are given below to solve this issue.

  1. First of you need to press the ESC key from your keyboard to open the system menu. 
  2. After opening it you will get the option of Network from the left side menu. Please click on that.
  3. Now you just have to untick the option “Optimize Network for speed”
  4. Click on okay. 

It will cause some others because game will not optimized as per network speed. You have to use better network connection to persist this. Hence this WOW51900319 error will be solved using this method.

Method 4 : Use of An Ethernet Cable

Another major reason of facing this WOW51900319 error is We have limited the network letency, In result the server will be disconnected automatically when it will be get lower network letency.

And we knew that Every game required the better internet connection to get higher gaming experience. 

LTE and wifi are the same and that have issue of network letency. Hence The ethernets runs on the optical fiber cables so that you network will be less flactuate with this and you will not get this error again.

Method 5 : Logging Out of Battle.Net

Sometimes you are trying a lot to solve the issues but the solution is so simple for that. have you face it before? 

So yeah here you just have to log out your account and again login your account.

If you are doing this then this WOW51900319 error can be resolved.

Sometimes there are many issues like pinging issues or server connectivity etc issues faced by the game so if you are doing this then it will be solve your WOW51900319 error.

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Method 6 : Some Technical Fixes Listed on

There are some of fixes which are listed on so we can use that fixes to fix our WOW51900319 error and other types of connection issues. So next time whenever you are facing any issus like this please do checkout their technical support forum and search your issue there. 

Here we are going to give some of other fixes for this issue. So if you are still facing the issue after applying steps which are given on technical support forum then you have to follow the below given steps.

Follow all the steps carefully and get rid of this issue.

  1. First of all reset all the user interface setting and must check of all add-on files to check the damage and curruption
  2. Next, Reset all the modems and routers settings to prevent them from malfunctioning and overloading
  3. Now remove all the competibility issues and update your drivers.
  4. Now, open CMD and flush your DNS and re-issue your ip address and check if it’s a software conflict issue or other else.
  5. Next, The game requires all the network adapter and graphics settings up to date so please check that and keep it up to date.
  6. Afterward, if you are usiong any kind of VPNs or any private proxies so you have disable it
  7. After performing all the given steps you need to scan your all files with installed antivirus to check there are any malware or not.
  8. After scanning your files make sure you disabled your antivirus while gaming because most of the time antivirus doesn’t allow to receive the game data and it will block some kind of scripts as well so you have to disable it.
  9. at last update the firmware of your modem or router and keep it up to date.

So these are the steps to get rid of WOW51900319 error

Now we will see how to reset the user interface? 

Method 7: How to Reset The User Interface?

  1. First of all close your running game of WOW. and check from the task manager while it’s running in background or not.
  2. Now you will get prompt like you have to add the removed addons so you need to uninstall add-on manager. please do that
  3. Now you have to open the Blizzard application on your pc and after that click on options tab that you see on your windows screen and then select “Show in Explorer” option from the windows and if you are using mac then you have to find “Reveal in finder” option.
  4. After doing the above step open the folder which is named as World of Warcraft
  5. Now rename the folder as shown below.
     – Interface to InterfaceOld
     – WTF to WTFOld
     – Cache to CacheOld
  6. Once you done this you need to relaunch the world of warcraft application to reflect the changes.

Still you are facing the issue then you have to delete some of the files from your store directory.if you can’t find the above given directories on your windows then ignore the above steps and move on below steps.

  1. First of all open your windows and click on CTRL + R from your keyboard and type cmd on that . 
  2. Now it will prompt one black tab which is called as CMD now you have to enter the below text to open the World of Warcraft directory.

     %localappdata%\VirtualStore\Program Files\World of Warcraft\

  3. after pasting above text press enter.
  4. now you have to open program files folder and after opening it you have to find World of Warcraft folder inside it.
  5. Now opening it delete the cache, Interface and WTF folders which you can see under the World of warcraft folder.
  6. Finally, close the whole folder and restart your pc to reflect the changes.

if still this method doesn’t work for you then try with another method we have lot of methods to fix WOW51900319 error.

Method 8 : Reinstall The Whole Game On Your System.

So after doing all of tries on your system if any of fix doesn’t work for you then it will be the last option to solve the error WOW51900319. So we will Uninstall the whole game and reinstall it on our pc.  Follow the below steps to do it.

  1. First of all you need to take backup of your account.
  2. After taking backup of your account uninstall the whole game from your system and delete your all cache and residual files from your windows system.
  3. After completing both steps now open the official website of WOW game and download the latest version of the WOW game.
  4. after downloading it install it on your PC
  5. once installed on your system, Login your account and restore your all game data as before. 

So it will fix your WOW51900319 error. 

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So we have seen the different kind of methods to fix the WOW51900319 error. If you are facing the same issue then go through the methods from our website and try different methods one by one and comment which method worked for you.  As these methods might risk losing your game data or upgrades so you  need to be careful to choosing suitable method for your system.

Hope you like this article, If you face any problem with the method or you have any new method to fix the WOW51900319 error then please comment below our team will add that.

Thank you 🙂

How To Fix WOW51900319 Error in World of Warcraft

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